(GQ) - The billionaire inventor of Viagra, Robert Furchgott, recently revealed his ED fix after years of isolation in retirement. Furchgott became so wealthy from the success of Viagra sales over the years, that he decided it was way past time for him to give back.  95% of men over the age of 45 will suffer erectile dysfunction to some degree, and he wanted to create something that was safe, accessible without seeing a doctor, and most importantly very inexpensive.

Furcghott, recently took the opportunity to appear on the Dr. Phil Show to share his new ED supplement - VigorPlex Gummies.   On the episode that aired recently, Furchgott mentioned as he entered the final years of his life, that he felt "Guilty for making so much money knowing so many more men suffer from ED and can't afford Viagra or don't have health insurance."  He went on to say he felt compelled to create something that was safe and every man could afford - and as a sign of generosity - has started offering free trials of VigorPlex Gummies for a limited time - exclusivly to viewers of Dr. Phil and readers of GQ.

Viagra Inventor Furchgott's Has Earned Billions With His Creation - Says "It's time to give back."

“I have done the research, tested and tested, and I have finally come up with something that's safe for men and just as effective as a the prescription product I invented years back.” One of the men who was able to test VigorPlex Gummies went on to say, "Boy can I tell you, this stuff is potent. I’ve tried Viagra, I’ve tried Red Ginseng, I’ve tried Cialis. VigorPlex Gummies blows them all away.”

The product is repeatedly selling out within minutes, and Dr. Furchgott says his number one struggle as the inventor is sourcing enough products to be able to service the demand adequately. His ED supplement is 83% cheaper and five times more effective than others on the market.

Dr. Furcghott's words coupled with online reports of amazing results got us here at GQ curious about VigorPlex Gummies so we did some research -- here’s what we found.

Is VigorPlex Gummies for you?

The quick answer is Yes. Inside each capsule of VigorPlex Gummies is a blend of horny goat, korean ginseng, potency wood and other herbs that Chinese have been using for the last 5,000 years. But what makes VigorPlex Gummies unlike anything on the market is their patented TRTT technology that makes these ingredient 185 times greater than taking them the traditional way.

VigorPlex Gummies has shown:

My Results: My marriage's sex life had been struggling for a little over a year due to my husband's inability to perform so we decided to give VigorPlex Gummies a try. His free bottle was delivered in just a few short days and we were only charged for shipping. VigorPlex Gummies is one of the most concentrated and pure forms of TRTT on the market and I was eager to begin the test. Below you can read about the amazing results!


During the first week on the new routine, I was surprised by how fast and dramatic the effects were. My husband’s energy level was up and he was able to perform better and longer almost immediately. It felt fantastic and most importantly, he kept getting better and better...

Week Two

After two weeks of using VigorPlex Gummies my husband had more energy and stamina than ever. We managed to have sex for over two hours three nights in a row! In just 14 days were were feeling quite confident that this product was the real deal.


After three weeks, all our doubts and skepticism had vanished! We were having great sex regularly and consistently. I can't remember a better time in our sex life!


After the fourth week, our sex life had never been more healthy. We have sex almost everyday compared to a few times a year! Not only has my husband's performance improved with increased libido, stamina, and endurance but VigorPlex Gummies has also increased my husband's size! That was quite the pleasant surprise!

Conclusion: VigorPlex Gummies has helped me open my eyes and see that there is an ED product that actually works. My husband is more confident and our relationship has never been stronger!

Will This Work For You?

Using VigorPlex Gummies for ED, my husband and I have never been happier and the test process was something of a "journey to self-discovery" for me! Here at the office, everyone could see the improvement in my attitude and happiness. IMPORTANT! The only cost you will incur is the discounted shipping rate of $6.49. The magic bottle will then be delivered straight to your door and ready to use immediately.

There are countless gimmicks out there these days, and most of them are high in cost and low in giving you real results. So when we heard about this product, we were skeptical - could VigorPlex Gummies really be that much better than everything else on the market? Seeing our results first-hand in our scientific case study turned us from skeptics into believers. We can't deny it: This stuff really works and GQ is happy to officially recommend it!

Samantha Hasman

Update: LIMITED RISK FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE: As of 5 Risk Free Trials Still Remain!

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